CG Lighting Artist for Robots of Mars: The Motion Ride, Midland Productions

A summer in Berkeley, CA as part of a small CG lighting team for the Robots of Mars 3D feature film sizzle reel, which eventually became the "Robots of Mars" motion ride. Funny thing about this project, I flew out from New York City & spent the weekend before the job started in a hotel room deep-diving into the Maya software manual, as at the time I was unfamiliar with it, but proficient with similar animation software, including Pixar's Renderman, which we used to render the film.

Motion Ride trailer (above), Sizzle Reel (below), 

Get ready for a Space Adventure. “Robots of Mars” is a wild and wacky computer animated comedy adventure set in an all robot worlds starring Sparky the Robot and his band of mechanical misfits. Join forces with Blasto the Dog, Melody the Bird and Mad Doctor as they save the universe from the evil Supervisor of Mars.