NASDAQ MarketSite Video Wall: Information Graphics Design [with Pyburn Films]

The exchange wanted to communicate real-time market data & analysis to the general investor for on-air programming. However, as NASDAQ is a purely electronic stock exchange, there was no physical trading floor to take a television camera and no one to interview.

The solution: NASDAQ created MarketSite at Times Square in New York City, which provides a ‘6 screen × 20 screen’ video wall with real-time graphic displays. The visualizations needed to scale across multiple configurations, look great from the street level, as well as on live television broadcasts.

“Would NASDAQ have been as successful using standard bar charts? NASDAQ’s unique, clear graphics are critical for a broad audience to quickly assess the market information, thereby successfully communicating information to business professionals and consumers, and adds value to both the networks and NASDAQ’s brand.” -Information Management

Networks such as CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Reuters, NDTV Profit, CNBC India and Business Week TV, now broadcast more than 150 stories each day from this location.

Video montage (above) and sample data visualizations (below).

Real-time market updates keep investors informed (above). Charts spanning multiple video screens (below).

The most frequently used, single stock chart, below, displaying after hours trading.

Animated backgrounds were developed, with the crystalline design (below right) chosen. Backgrounds were developed for a variety of single & mufti-screen combinations, from 1x1 to 12x3.