MK101 is a social, generative art experience for mobile devices, harnessing the power of multi-touch interactivity to create imagery & sound. With this peek into its functionality, we see exciting possibilities for creating & collaborating remotely in real-time.

"A digitally authentic experience harnessing generative graphics & audio."

MK101 pays homage to Myron Krueger, a pioneer in multi-touch & gesture-based interactivity.

"Merging generative (autonomous) systems with the human creative impulse is exciting territory. Code, based on natural forms, describes the essential behaviors but the human guides the experience in real-time."

The design employs a minimum tool-set that balances functional predictability while allowing for surprise in the apps' generative properties. Given the form factor of hand-held devices, the UI must be unobtrusive & uncomplicated. This is accomplished with minimal tool palettes that are present only in context.

Taking advantage of generative graphics algorithms, the performer need only make intermittent tool changes as the software creates diversity & motion autonomously; essentially, the user directs the experience in real-time.