beautifuliving: community planning, brand & product development

beautifuliving™ is a conceptual project born out of an interest in the sciences and community planning. This interest was accelerated by my 2004 photographic survey of the exurbian landscape near Las Vegas, where real estate developers marketed a utopian vision of modern suburban life. This spurred an investigation of the history of utopian visions, both fictional & practiced, from architects and city planning visions to spiritually-based.

A lifestyle leveraging the biosciences, technology and community.

The beautifuliving™ community took form as an online presence that includes websites, Facebook pages, videos and blogs, promoting conversations on bioethics, spirituality and the human condition.

At the center of the brand is Dr. David Scott, whose alleged history included establishing the beautifulScience™ group, Evolution is Energy™, which sought out the genetic source of happiness™. The definition allow the individual to determine and control their own version of happiness. Along the way, many technologies were introduced. The productization of neurological adjustments, gene therapies, smart homes and vehicles, embedded technologies, wellness approaches and community life, served the community directive. 

beautifuliving™ is the first master-planned community where the latest innovations in biotechnology, nano-sciences and community design are brought together to create a unique place where your dream of happiness™ and contentment come true.

Rather than simply offering traditional homes and a superficial sense of well-being, beautifuliving™ delivers a truly unique and patented lifestyle. Working with the brightest minds in science & technology, we’ve redefined the smart-home, invigorated the meaning of community and, most remarkably, we grow our happiness™ from the inside-out: from within you.
— David Scott, Founder

Sample product offerings

Video messaging

Product design, brand messaging, & directing customer connections for the this forward looking community, where scientific research integrates with community living. Utilization of social networking websites & blogs enrich the brand experience & help build an active following through news feeds & interactions with the brand.

Philosophy: NewNature is better.

NewNature is better. NewNature is exciting. NewNature is now.